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4 Reasons to Use Glass and Mirrors in Your Basement Remodel

Stunning basement interior
Homeowners have many reasons for finishing a basement. Some of the most common reasons are to add a guest room or an entertainment center. You may not give as much attention to material choices in a basement remodel as you do a kitchen remodel; however, adding glass and mirrors to your finished basement carries distinct advantages. Read on to learn more.

1. Mirrors Add Neutral Visual Interest

When you're transforming a basement into a space for guests or entertaining, a common design principle is to keep the décor relatively neutral. A neutral backdrop makes guests feel comfortable. That said, you don't want your basement to feel like a motel or a rental space. Your décor should include some visual interest.
Mirrors provide that sense of neutrality while still giving some visual interest. You can use the mirror to reflect light fixtures, which have the added bonus of increasing the illumination - something most basements desperately need. You can also place a mirror so it makes a small room seem bigger. Another option is to choose mirrors with pretty frames and group them on a wall in a gallery style.

2. Mirrors Reflect Light From a Window Well

A common practice for finishing a basement is to include a window well, which is an excavation of land around a basement window. A prefabricated or custom structure holds the soil back, and some contractors add a topper to limit the accumulation of debris. One purpose of the window well is to provide emergency egress. However, the structure also lets natural light into the basement.
Of course, a window well isn't going to let in as much natural light as an aboveground window. Therefore, you should use mirrors to maximize the light. To do this, observe the light from the window well at different times of the day. Consider placing mirrors on walls where the light hits so that they reflect it back into darker spaces. You can even bounce the light from different mirrors.

3. Glass Is Easy to Clean

When installing a guest bathroom in the basement, many homeowners choose a shower and tub combination and hang a shower curtain. However, the basement bathroom probably won't get as much use or attention as the family bathrooms. Dust or even mold and mildew can accumulate easily on the shower curtain, and you'll have to take the curtain down to wash it.
Since most guests don't take time to soak in a bathtub having one installed might not be the best use of space - for this reason, a walk-in shower is a better option. Either way, a glass enclosure or door is typically more functional in a basement than a shower curtain.
Glass is a non-porous material. So, even if dust, mold, or mildew accumulate, you only have to spray the surface with a cleaner and wipe it down to get the bathroom ready for the next guest.

4. Glass Tabletops Prevent Beverage Rings

One of the common reasons for finishing a basement is to provide a space for lounging or entertaining. Of course, people like to drink beverages while they enjoy either one of those activities, and sometimes your guests simply don't think to reach for a coaster. The resultant beverage rings are a nuisance to clean up and can even damage a wood finish.
Having wooden tabletops covered in glass prevents this damage from happening. Glass fabricators cut the glass so it perfectly fits the top of your table. The glass supplier can even deliver the glass top and install it over your existing tables. When guests do place beverages down, the resulting moisture doesn't damage the wood, and the ring is much easier to wipe away.
Glass and mirrors are useful features for every living space - especially basements. As you plan to finish your basement , visit Kapasi Glass Mart for all your glass and mirror needs.