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5 Gorgeous Ways to Use Glass and Mirrors to Highlight Your Garden

Plant in Glass Terrarium

You probably know all about using glass and mirrors to illuminate your interior rooms. However, the beauty of glass and mirrors don't have to stop at the threshold of your patio. You can incorporate both into your landscaping and outdoor room decorating to promote a creatively beautiful ambiance.

1. Glass Wall

Many homeowners are moving toward creating outdoor rooms. You may already have a patio, but you can also set aside a section of your yard for specific purposes, such as lounging or soaking in a hot tub.

A glass wall can serve as your border to designate the space as a room. The wall can also serve as a slight privacy barrier if you choose frosted or patterned glass. For example, you could have a glass wall installed to help shield your hot tub area from the neighbors. Glass magnifies the sunlight, though, so don't place it south of the target area.

2. Light-Catching Garden Art

If you're handy, you can make your own garden art out of a wooden frame and glass. You can even add etching for a creative glass hanging.

However, even if you're not crafty, you can hang glass panels. First, visit your local glass mart. They will have panes of glass already made, either for windows or door panels. You can choose from the designs already on-hand or ask them to custom-create a pane or series of panes for you. Ask to have metal rings attached to the top of the frames for hanging.

You can use these custom panels anywhere you want to catch some light. For instance, you can hang them from a pergola frame. You can also attach them to tree branches or install their own holders to dot around your garden.

3. Mirrored Garden

Naturally, mirrors cast a reflection. You can use this property to your advantage in your garden in one of two ways.

One way to utilize these properties is by reflecting a particularly pretty area of your garden. For instance, say you have a birdbath with lovely landscaping around it, but it's not clearly visible from the house. You could place a decorative mirror within the nearby foliage so that you can catch the image from the house windows.

The second way to utilize the reflection is by using it to double up on texture. To do this, you'll still place the mirror, so it reflects foliage from afar - make sure you choose the texture of foliage you want to be doubled up. You'll also add to the texture by layering plants in front of the mirror. For example, you could train a climber over the frame of the mirror, so foliage droops across the top.

4. Secret, Light-Enhancing Door

As in the home, hanging mirrors can be used to illuminate an otherwise dark space. Say you have a dark corner made by fencing and nearby foliage. A mirror can transform this corner into a secret doorway while brightening the area.

For this effect, choose a taller mirror, perhaps one with panes. Experiment with the placement of the mirror on the fence so that it reflects a pretty part of your gardening as well as light. Let some foliage obscure the edges of the mirror. You could even create a tableau around the secret door with yard art.

5. Mirror Tableau

In that vein, foliage and sunlight aren't the only things a mirror can reflect in your garden. You could create a whole installation around a mirror.

First of all, find a mirror you love, maybe because of its shape or frame. Hang it on a fence, so it reflects your landscaping. From there, add layers of décor that enhance the beauty of the mirror. Experiment with placing items in front of the mirror, so they're also reflected. You can layer here, too, with an art piece and leafy foliage.

The goal with the mirror tableau is two-fold. You want to enjoy the view from afar, meaning how the mirror fits in with the overall installation. However, you also want the mirror to create a beautiful reflection.

Don't relegate glass and mirrors to indoor use only - bring them outside to enhance your gardening. Visit Kapasi Glass Mart for the mirrors and glass you need for your landscaping project.