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Custom Glass Tables To Augment Your Decorating

A Glass Table
Glass is a prime material for interior decorating that greatly enhances your décor. Light bounces off of glass, so rooms feel brighter. What's more, glass can fit any décor style, from old world traditional to ultramodern. As a bonus, glass is easy to clean and maintain.
Glass is also a relatively easy medium to use in design. You can utilize the traditional properties of glass, yet create a custom design that's unique to your style. One great customizable option is a one-of-a-kind table. Consider the following tips to create a beautiful, yet functional, table for your home.

Prepare to Design

If you're planning on designing a custom table, you'll want to plan ahead to make sure your design works in the room. First of all, take measurements of the space where you plan to place the table. There should be a couple inches of clearance between the tabletop and any nearby furniture. If you're planning on a dining table, you'll especially want to ensure that your design conforms to the dimensions of the room.
Next, take stock of existing colors and textures in the room that you don't plan on changing, such as wall paint or flooring. Likewise, if you want your table to accent existing furniture, make note of the style and shapes found in those pieces.

Look for Table Bases

If you go to furniture supply stores, it's possible to find actual table bases. These can range from standard wood bases with legs to geometric pedestals. If you choose one of these, you'll simply be adding a glass top.
However, upcycling has become very popular, so you could utilize other items for the table base instead. The items simply need to have a flat top for the glass. For example, House Beautiful suggests even using African drums. You could also use items such as milk cans, crates, or even a suitcase mounted on legs.

Choose the Glass

Your creative choices don't end with the table base. Naturally, one option is to top the base with a simple circle of heavyweight glass. This looks especially attractive if you've chosen a modern base or want to showcase the found item you're using as your base.
Custom glass comes in many other options, though. For example, you could choose glass that's been etched or frosted with designs. The designs can go across the entire tabletop, or they can form a border around the edging. These tabletops work well with simple bases so that the glass can take center stage.
Textured glass is a similar idea, except the patterning actually creates a physical texture. You can choose from textures such as rain, crackle, checkered, and herringbone. Textured glass can work well with a simple base or with one that features similar shapes. For example, you could top a crate with checkered glass.

Consider the Cuts

When you're having a tabletop custom cut out of glass, the cuts are another design choice. If you're opting for a simple geometric shape, you'll still need to choose an edging. The choices for the edging are similar to those for natural stone, with a bevel being a simple edge while ogee and pencil edges provide decorative detailing.
The shape doesn't have to be simple. You could choose to have some or all of the edges cut in freeform shapes, which feature naturalistic arches and curves that will give the glass an organic look.

Think About Illumination

You can get really creative with your custom glass table if you add LED lighting. The lighting can be a part of the base that illuminates the beauty of the glass, or you can choose colorful lights that add color and pattern to the piece. These effects are especially attractive with modern-style tables.
Design a custom glass table that enhances your décor style. Consult with our glass experts at Kapasi Glass Mart for more ideas.