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How Can You Transform Your Fireplace With Glass?

Fireplace With Glass
You have a mirror in the bathroom and a brilliantly clear piece of glass on your coffee table. And that's it? Mirrors and glass don't have to stay in the usual spaces. Yes, you enjoy the glowing glass that sits in the center of your kitchen cabinets and all of the other accents in your home. But where else can you use glass or mirrors to up your home décor game?
Look above your fireplace. What do you see? Is your mantel space bare? Maybe you have a picture, a painting, or even a pretty little vase of flowers. But you could do so much more with this empty area.
Custom mirrors and glass can dress up your mantel and turn the space above it into a visually stunning sight. How can you totally transform your mantel with mirrors and glass? Take a look at these creative décor ideas that will add beauty to your fireplace.

Framed Mirrors

You've already thought about putting framed art above your mantel. That's a common way to decorate the area. But what about a framed custom mirror?
Find a frame that matches the rest of the room décor. Don't worry if it's not the same color or type of wood as your mantel. Think about what 'pops' against the mantel (and surrounding wall), and not what blends in. The idea here is to notice the frame and not lose it in a like-colored wall. For example, set a dark wood frame against a white wall or your painted white wooden mantel.
Go with a traditional rectangle frame or switch things up with a custom mirror in another shape. A framed square, circle, or diamond shape creates a quirky, modern look that will draw everyone's eye to your mantel area.

Glass Tile

Instead of a plain ceramic tile, using glass to frame your fireplace, cover your mantel, or create an above-mantel mosaic adds a fresh glow that is far from traditional. If your fireplace is in a contemporarystyle room, glass tiles can add a clean almost industrial feel.
Tiling your fireplace or mantel area with glass also adds a calming, tranquil effect. This is a perfect match for a bedroom or bathroom fireplace.
Along with the beauty of glass, comes its versatility. You can choose from an array of tints, making it possible to coordinate a color palette or highlight the mantel area with a contrasting hue.

Windows and Panels

Windows don't always belong in the walls. A custom-cut piece of glass that's framed to look like window panes can add an interesting touch to a living space design. Set the glass on top of the mantel, creating a rustic feel.
If you don't want to use clear glass to create a faux window above your fireplace, you can try a paneled mirror. Framing the mirror with a window-like frame is a decorative option that can let light into the space. It can also reflect what's just outside of your home (from the real window - if it's across from it), giving you double the scenery.

Salon Style

Create your own mini gallery above the fireplace. Hang a grouping of several different mirrors, placing them close to each other, but don't let the mirrors touch. Make sure that there's at least a few inches in between each one. Pick an artsy array of different sizes and shapes to display over the mantel.
A salon style or gallery style display doesn't just look nice. The mirror's reflections can also add depth to your space, making the room appear larger than it really is.
Do you need custom glass or a mirror for your mantel or fireplace area? Kapasi Glass Mart can help.