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How to Design a Custom Mirror Installation

Wall Mirror
Mirrors give your home so many benefits, such as reflecting light and, of course, your own image. You can also use mirrors to decorate your home. Many people simply buy mirrors they like and hang them on the wall, which is a great start. But with custom mirrors, you can create a wall installation that's unique to your home.

Get Inspiration

The first step in designing your custom installation is to get inspired. Browse pictures of customized mirrors and mirror wall art. Look for shapes and arrangements that please you. Your goal isn't to select a picture that you're going to copy directly. Rather, you want to get some ideas, such as to take some shapes from one picture and frames from another picture.

Think about Different Styles

Many mirror wall installations are abstract. This style is common because of abstract art principles - using shapes and forms, among other elements, to achieve the message. Mirrors lend themselves to those concepts.
However, when you're ordering custom mirrors, you get to choose more than the shape. You can also customize the glass, say by choosing a distressed finish. The edging choices for mirrors is almost as vast as for natural stone, so you can choose everything from a simple to an elaborate edge.
You can also choose framed mirrors as well as those with trim to create a design on the surface. Indeed, your custom installation may take on the look of a gallery wall if you choose a selection of framed mirrors. You can even combine them with other elements, such as pictures, to create a unique effect.

Measure your Space

An important factor to consider is how much space you actually have. Because you're custom ordering your mirrors, you can accommodate any size of wall. However, such installations usually look better when there's clearance all around the artwork. Therefore, you want to be sure of what space you have to work with, taking that clearance into consideration.

Use Paper Cut Outs

The next step is to get a visual representation of what your custom installation is going to look like. Start with your reference pictures and consider your available space. You can get technical and use math to decide on sizes, or you can just eyeball it.
A good way to organize your vision of the artwork is with paper cutouts. You'll start with a large sheet that represents your wall's dimensions. Using your reference images, cut out the shapes you're thinking of ordering for your mirrors. Tack them onto the sheet in the desired arrangement and play around with the arrangement until you're satisfied.
Once you have the paper cut-out "mirrors" arranged, hang the sheet of paper up on the wall. Stand back and view it from different angles, trying to get a feel for how it will look with actual mirrors. Make sure you have that desired clearance all around the wall art so it can take center stage.

Order and Hang the Custom Mirrors

Now comes the fun part - making your vision into a reality. Bring in your measurements and even pictures of your mock installation when you visit your local glass company. As you describe your ideas to them, they can help you with your custom mirror options. They can also advise you on how to hang the mirrors.
The old adage of measuring twice will hold true once you get your custom mirrors. Naturally, you'll want to use your mock up as inspiration. Remember, the center of the installation should be at about 59 inches up from the floor - that's typically the height galleries use for art pieces.
Customize your wall with a unique mirror art installation. Visit Kapasi Glass Mart for advice and for custom-made mirrors for your art piece.