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Reasons to Go With a Mirror or Glass Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash
If you are looking to make a change to your kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, then consider going with a glass or mirror backsplash. The information here will give you a better idea of what it would be like to have a glass or mirror backsplash and introduce you to some creative ways to present them.

The Benefits of Glass and Mirror Backsplashes

There are many reasons to consider going with a glass or even a mirror backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom. Here are just some of the many reasons:
Spots and Splashes Can be Easily Cleaned Off
When you opt for a glass backsplash for your kitchen and bathroom, you will be able to clean them easily. You won't have to clean grout and you can simply scrape off stubborn splashes with a razor without needing to worry about damaging the backsplash. Glass backsplashes will always maintain their nice and shiny appearance.
Mirrors Will Make an Area Appear Larger
When you want to create the appearance of more space in the kitchen or bathroom, choose to go with a mirrored glass backsplash. You'll still have all the benefits of glass, but since the backsplash is a mirror, the room will look more spacious.
Glass and Mirror Backsplashes are Budget Friendly
Some homeowners opt to go with very expensive stone backsplashes that need to be cleaned with special cleaners and must be sealed to prevent stains due to their porous surfaces. With a glass or mirror backsplash, there are no expensive cleaners or sealers needed to keep them in good shape.

The Design Features of Glass and Mirror Backsplashes

There are some great design features you can enjoy when you choose to go with glass or mirror backsplashes. Some of these design features include the following:
You Can Custom Design the Glass
If you choose a glass backsplash, you can have the back of the backsplash painted the color or design you want. You can also attach the wallpaper of your choosing to the back of the glass. This design will show though once the glass is installed.  
Other Elements Can Be Incorporated With the Glass Backsplash
Glass backsplashes can be laid over top of other design elements. You can place the glass over tile, so you can clean the surface easier and give the tile a permanent shiny overlay. You can also choose a design style that is unique and creative, like attaching pennies to the wall, and then affixing the glass backsplash in place over the pennies.
Mirrored Backsplashes Can Enhance Romantic Settings
Whether you are creating a romantic meal in the dining room or enjoying a romantic bath in your Jacuzzi tub with your spouse, mirrored backsplashes can help enhance the romance vibe with the help of some lit candles in front of the mirrors. The mirrored effect will make the space look as if you have double the number of candles lit.
Mirrors Can Be Etched for Custom Designs
You can have the back of a mirror etched then painted. This design allows you to have a mirrored backsplash that has a picture designed into it. You can have a special saying etched into the mirror, a beautiful landscape scene, or anything else that will work well with the rest of your d├ęcor.

We Can Help With Your Glass and Mirror Needs

If you decide you want to have glass or mirrors installed as the backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom, contact us. We can take carefully and professionally install a backsplash for you. We can also help install other glass or mirror design elements anywhere else throughout your home.