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Benefits of Safety Glass for Your Storefront

safety glass storefront
Safety glass adds numerous benefits for your storefront windows. From displaying your merchandise 24 hours a day to increased security, insulated glass can end up being an excellent investment for your business.

First Impressions Count

Adding insulated glass windows gives you the opportunity to create a great first impression before a customer even walks through the door as well! Many businesses also pair their storefront windows with digital signs to add an extra level of enticement for potential customers.
The bottom line is, whether you are just starting out or have been on the same block for 30 years, adding commercial glass can be an attractive addition to any storefront. For more information about insulated glass in the Charleston, South Carolina, area, call Palmetto Glass & Mirror today.

24/7 Merchandise Display

Adding insulated safety glass keeps your storefront open to passersby even when you are not around while keeping your merchandise safe from break ins. Insulated glass is typically constructed of two sheets of glass laminated together with clear plastic, making it nearly unbreakable. If a pane does break, however, the lamination will hold it together which prevents the glass from shattering and injuring you and your customers.