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Use Mirrors to Accent Furniture Decor

Mirrors are more than reflective pieces of glass that you hang over your bathroom sink. They're decorative accents that have made their way off the walls and into the rest of the home.

While mirrors have been used by interior designers for years to expand spaces and give small rooms large looks, they have plenty of other uses. Instead of serving a functional purpose, you can use mirrors to create a glamorous look that adds luxury to almost any space.

How can you create a lux look with mirrors?  You simply add them to your furniture. If you're on the hunt for a new and different way to add style to your home, take a look at how glass can change the look (and feel) of your furniture.

Look-Out Legs

A glass or mirrored tabletop is an elegant accent that complements styles from contemporary to classic. But it's also an expected design element. If you're looking to go beyond what's typical or to create a look that is more than attention-grabbing, consider mirroring a different part of the table.

Instead of the top, add mirrors to the legs. While this won't work with all tables, given the right design, it can make a stand-out statement. Thin table legs or those that are rounded won't stand up well to the addition of mirrors. But rectangular legs or those that gradually taper are possible options.

Along with larger tables, such as kitchen or dining room tables, you can also add mirrors to ottomans, vanity stools, chairs, bar stools, or bar carts.

Dressed-Up Dresser

An accent wall or closet door are two of the top places to mirror in bedrooms. But they aren't the only spaces. Mirrored dresser drawers offer a subtle way to create a glowing look, without having to make a major commitment. If you're not sure whether adding a full wall-length mirror to the room is the right way to go, swapping out standard dresser drawer fronts for mirrors is a low-key option.

Not only can you mirror the front of the drawers, but you can also add glass to the entire dresser - if it's pushed against a wall there's no need to cover the back. A mirror-covered dresser is an accent piece that provides a glimmer of glamor and a contemporary touch to the rest of the bedroom d├ęcor.

Pattern Play

Keep in mind, you have more accent options than solid pieces of glass or mirrors. While some circumstances call for a full or solid mirror, this type of design won't fit all of your furniture. Whether you have a smaller-sized piece (such as a short vanity stool, low night stand, or foot stool) or you just enjoy an eclectic style, you can use several pieces of mirror to create a patterned look.

Think of this style as a brick house. Each mirror is placed similar to the way that bricks are patterned on a home's exterior. This design adds visual interest and can change a piece of furniture from traditional to contemporary.

Remodeled Pieces

Old or worn furniture doesn't have to go into the trash. Upcycle your favorite pieces, turning them into stylish new pieces. Even though some artistic DIYers can transform an old table, dresser, or any other piece of furniture into a mirror-covered accent, the process isn't for novices.

Unless you have extensive experience (and the right tools for the job), leave this project to the pros. A professional mirror and glass repair contractor can create custom pieces of mirror to completely cover your furniture. They can also install the mirror, securing it properly to the surface.

Do you need custom mirrors or glass? Contact Kapasi Glass Mart for more information.