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Why You Should Invest in Insulated Glass

With climbing temperatures and rising energy costs, insulated glass windows are now more of an asset for your home than ever. Homeowners reduce their heating and cooling costs by adjusting the temperatures on their thermostat, sealing any drafts coming into the house and checking their home’s insulation, but many forget that windows are one of the primary factors in a home’s temperature. 

What are Insulated Windows?

Instead of one pane of glass like most standard windows, insulated windows have two or three panes. These panes trap air or other gases in between them and are often coated with special substances that contribute to their insulating properties, much like a double-walled tumbler that many people use to keep their beverages hot or cold.

What are the Benefits of Insulated Windows?

Some homeowners are reluctant to use insulated glass due to a higher initial cost than single-paned windows. However, the upfront cost will be more than paid back over the long run due to savings on energy bills. Insulated windows also offer noise-reduction properties as an added bonus. 
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